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Programmable DC power supply – 1500W, 60V, 60A

SYSKON series instruments are fast, accurate, analog and digitally programmable DC power supplies, which are ideally suited for automated test sequences. In addition to diverse programming capabilities, the instruments offer outstanding output values with regard to speed, accuracy and residual ripple.

  • 1700 sequence steps
  • Auto-range output
  • Read-in and read-out of all programmable parameters

  • Power output up to 500 W, 60 V, 30 A with characteristic auto-range curve
  • 1700 memory locations for sequences
  • 15 memory locations for basic settings
  • Digital interfaces: USB, RS 232 (onboard) and GPIB (optional), as well as an analog interface
  • Control software included
  • Sense terminals
  • Dynamic sink (continuous sink power: 65 W)
  • DAkkS calibration certificate as standard feature
  • Drivers for LabView are available

  • DC power supplies for safety-relevant testing of electric and electronic components with a field instrument
  • Stable DC power output, programmable sequences and a read-out function for specified parameters ensure simple reproducibility and multiplication of the test sequences.
  • Digital and analog interfaces permit integration into test bays with commercially available or customer-specific control software – in-house developed software is available.

Endurance tests, climatic tests and stress tests in the fields of electric machinery, automotive, avionics, medical technology and semiconductors

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  • SYSKON DC power supply
  • CD with documentation and software
  • Mains power cable
  • USB cable
  • Installation set for 19″ rack mounting
  • Operating instructions in D/GB
  • DAkkS calibration certificate