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Electrosurgical Analyzer

  • mV, mV Peak, mA, Crest Factor and Wattage Displays
  • Large Graphical Display & Cursor Selection of Options and Setup of Parameters
  • 1% reading level of uncertainty
  • Digital Data Output Via USB and RS232
  • Optional PC Based Software Adds Functionality, Versatility & Data Storage Capabilities
  • Digital Calibration – No Pots to Turn
  • On-Screen Graphical Representation of Generator Waveform with Scroll & Zoom Capabilities
  • Internally Protected Input Circuitry
  • Capture, Store & Print ESU Generator Output Waveforms with up to 32,768 Discrete Data Points through the Specialized PC Software
  • Internal Data Storage for Three Full ESU waveform Data Sets
  • Create Customized Load Resistor Table within the Instrument Based Upon the Load Resistors Commonly Used
  • User Selectable Data Display Screens
  • Smallest & Lightest Weight ESU

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