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Multifunctional Data Logger for a Wide Variety of Media

  • Custom tailored scope of functions thanks to modular concept
  • Manufacturer independent connection of data sources via analog and digital or S0 pulse and temperature inputs, as well as universal M-Bus, LON and Modbus interfaces
  • Use of LON interfaces without binding or special knowledge
  • Synchronized meter reading using the FREEZE command with M-Bus and LON
  • Flexible control of processes via analog and switching outputs
  • Integration into existing infrastructures via Ethernet TCP/IP or optional socket modules for analog telephone lines, ISDN, GSM/GPRS or Bluetooth
  • Inexpensive creation of networks with standard components
  • Easy data exchange via Windows DLL
  • Exact time with deviation of less than 1 minute per month, automatic synchronization via time server
  • SMARTCONTROL manager for simple configuration included
  • Internal 2 MB flash memory can be expanded with microSD card
  • Transfer of data and settings to microSD card
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Made in Germany

New in version 3, article no. U300 …

  • Space-saving installation thanks to integrated slot for M-Bus level converter
  • MicroSD card slot (max. 2 GB) on-board as standard equipment
  • Fast storage and retrieval cycles thanks to additional, battery-backed RAM
  • Modbus TCP variants make it possible to network several SMARTCONTROL master/slave functions
  • Up to 250 devices can be connected via Modbus
  • H-rail mounting kit
  • In brief: easy display of trends or actual values via smartphone app

Standard Models

Type Designation Article No.

SMARTCONTROL Standard version, 12 to 24 V DC auxiliary power, Ethernet crossover cable, screwdriver, installation instructions, manual and SMARTCONTROL manager on CD U300A

SMARTCONTROL IP65 / 24 V DC IP 65 control cabinet version with built-in 24 V DC power pack, Ethernet crossover cable, screwdriver, installation instructions, manual und SMARTCONTROL manager on CD U300C

SMARTCONTROL with IO24 Same as standard version but additionally with input/output module for 24 channels U300D

SMARTCONTROL with LON Same as standard version but additionally with interface module for LON U300E

SMARTCONTROL with IO24+LON Same as standard version but additionally with input/output module for 24 digital channels and interface module for LON U300F

SMARTCONTROL with Modbus TCP Same as standard version but additionally with interface module for Modbus TCP U300G

  • Acquisition of energy and consumption data, temperatures, switching statuses and process quantities
  • Error message management, continuous comparison of characteristic values and indication of errors via switching output, e-mail or SMS
  • Peak load management in combination with switching outputs
  • Timer programs and switching of relays after the occurrence of predefined events
  • Calculation of mean values and integrals, as well as heat and cold quantities

Versatile data collector:

  • Meter readings (electrical power, gas, water, heat etc.)
  • Temperatures (outside, inside, inlet and return temperature, etc.)
  • Statuses (burner and pump on-times etc.)
  • Analog signals (signal converters, measuring transducers etc.)
  • Data from bus-compatible measuring instruments and energy meters

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Informazioni tecniche

The SMARTCONTROL manager is included with SMARTCONTROL, and provides all of following functions:

  • Configuration of SMARTCONTROL
  • Graphic programming of all functions such as timer programs, calculator, relays, power calculation, links, network, Modbus, M-Bus, field, calibration etc.
  • Graphic display or read-out of data in ASCII format.
  • Communication DLL (Windows COM technology) for easy integration into COM compatible Windows applications (e.g. Excel)