Barcode Entry Tool (CODE 128)

Quick Entry – Reliable Communication – Flexible Handling

In combination with the Z502F barcode scanner, ready-to-use barcodes (CODE 128) are available for internal memory at test instruments included in the Profitest Master range as an entry aide for the following functions:

  • Creation of structures (tree structure)
  • New entry of objects (buildings, distributors, RCDs, electrical circuits, operating equipment)
  • Acquisition of room designations
  • Functions for navigating within the database for the Profitest Master range
  • New entry and expansion of test texts
  • “Go/No-Go” acknowledgment of report texts, inspections and much more.
  • Acquisition of defects / defects lists

ETC software makes it possible to create you own barcodes which can be added to the end of the list.

Recommended scanner for PROFITEST MASTER instruments: Z502F.