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DV7 Professional

Software for power analysis with MAVOWATT

Dran-View makes it possible for energy experts to quickly and easily visualize and evaluate data pertaining to power quality and monitoring.

Dran-View Pro

  • Scrollable, Flexible Diagrams – permit quick and targeted zoom-in on interference graphics. This makes it possible to pinpoint events quickly and easily.
  • Range Marker and Delta Function – Mark a specific measuring range and display the associated values (e.g. voltage level or line period).
  • Customer-Specific and Automated Reports – Create your own reports with selected quantities for your own specific application. In just three steps, you can generate a report for company management or for your customers. In the automatic mode, you can generate reports based on one of seven standard templates with just a single mouse click. All reports can be exported to Word.
  • Rescue Kit – Corrects measured values from current sensors connected with reversed polarity, as well as incorrect time stamps. No new measurements need to be performed.
  • Customized Views – Keep track of your measured quantities at all times. This window makes it possible to display trend curves, details and events – arranged either one on top of the other or superimposed.
  • Harmonics Tool – This tool makes it possible for you to simulate and analyze generators during the start-up phase, as well as making operations.
  • Events Table – View a specific event quickly and easily by selecting it from the events table.
Dran-View Enterprise

Everything included in the PRO version plus:

  • Extended Functions – Define your own formulas. For example, this allows for the calculation of leakage current and neutral conductor current, and much more.
  • Snapshot – Memory excerpts make it possible to record any number of trend curve or waveform diagrams, and to view them again and again. Stored events can be located by pointing and clicking.
  • Comments and Images – A picture is worth a thousand words. Insert images or comments to your report, for example in order to describe incurred damage. You can describe events in an illustrative fashion.

System Requirements
Pentium Pro (at least) with 1 GHz, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended), HD: 100 MB, USB port for HASP dongle
The software runs under Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32/64-bit in each case).

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