Memory Adapter for SECUTEST… and SECULIFE ST

This memory adapter is intended for use with SECUTEST…/ SECULIFE ST test instruments.

  • Memory for measured values for approx. 1,000 reports
  • Stores all measurements that are generated via “direct print-out”
  • Stores all reports that are printed via report templates.
  • Reading of the memory adapter and printing of the reports in PDF format via ETC software (ETC version 1.23 or higher)

  • Suitable for all SECUTEST / SECULIFE ST with firmware version 8.12 e.g. 7.24 or higher
  • RS232 interface for connection to SECUTEST / SECULIFE ST
  • Additional RS232 interface for connection of a barcode / RFID reader to the tester
  • USB interface for connection to a PC
  • (Press key “receive structure”)

Please note that the direct print-out option must be enabled in order to save individual test steps or test series to your SECUTEST…

Istruzioni per l’uso
Scheda tecnica

1 SecuStore memory adapter (Z745U)

1 Set of operating instructions

1 USB connector cable (USB-A – USB-B)