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Multimode Electrosurgery Analyzer

  • Analysis of complex, multiple-pulse waveforms
  • Standardized industrial HF measurement
  • HF leakage current measurement
  • REM/ARM/CQM test adjustable in 1 O steps
  • Ultra-fast digitizing of HF waveforms
  • Sampling of up to 16 million data points
  • Internal precision loads adjustable from 1 to 6400 O in 1 O steps
  • Integrated real-time operating system with ¼ VGA color touch-screen
  • Automated, freely definable test sequences
  • Automated current-power curves with various power levels per load value setting
  • Compatible with external test loads
  • Definable screen display
  • USB, RS 232 and Ethernet communication ports
  • Dedicated connectors for external keyboard and mouse
  • Automatic or manual activation of the ESU generator during the load curve test
  • Remote control of the ESU generator is possible
  • Generation of test reports

Istruzioni per l’uso
Certificato CE
Scheda tecnica

1 Operating Instruction

1 Cable set