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Energy Control System

Versatile data collector:

3 Years Warranty The SMARTLOGGER has 4 digital inputs for meters with pulse output and can additionally manage 10 energy meters with M-Bus interface. Supplementary measured values can be acquired via 4 analogue inputs, which are configurable as voltage, current or temperature inputs. This means that nearly all

  • Meter readings (electrical power, gas, water, heat etc.)
  • Temperatures (outside, inside, inlet and return temperature, etc.)
  • Statuses (burner and pump on-times etc.)
  • Analog signals (signal converters, measuring transducers etc.)
  • Data from bus compatible measuring instruments and energy meters

can be acquired. Bus compatible measuring instruments and energy meters can be connected via Modbus or M-Bus for users with integrated level converter.


  • Manufacturer independent connection of data sources via analog, digital and temperature inputs, as well as universal M-Bus and Modbus interfaces
  • Connection to existing infrastructures via Ethernet TCP/IP, as well as GSM, ISDN or analog modem
  • Inexpensive creation of networks with standard components
  • Internal 2M B flash memory for data
  • SMARTLOGGER ECS manager for easy configuration included
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Made in Germany

Technical Data

  • 4 digital inputs, active or passive
  • 4 analog inputs: 0 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V, 5 K NTC
  • 2 relay switching outputs, max. 30 V= / 2 A or 125 V~ / 0.5 A
  • 2 open collector switching outputs, max. 30 V= / 50 mA
  • M-Bus interface for 10 users
  • RS 485 / Modbus interface for external devices
  • RS 232 interface for configuration and tunnel function
  • UPS function with optional, external 12 V= lead-gel battery

SMARTLOGGER Variant Variant

4 digital and 4 analog inputs,

2 relay and 2 open collector outputs: 5 / 17 V DC,

M-Bus repeater for 10 slave modules, Ethernet variant GSM variant

Aux. voltage: 230 V AC, SMARTLOGGER manager on CD

Article no U201A U201B

  • Acquisition of energy and consumption data, temperatures, switching statuses and process quantities
  • Error message management, continuous comparison of characteristic values and indication of errors via switching output, e-mail or SMS

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The SMARTLOGGER manager is included with the

SMARTLOGGER, and provides all of following functions:

  • Set up and manage devices, as well as associated connections
  • Configuration of: Fault message transmission, acknowledgment and escalation procedures; Digital inputs as pulse, fault message or timer input; Analog inputs and associated limit value monitoring; Mains failure monitoring
  • Remote control of switching outputs
  • Read-out of meter readings and load profile