PV Analyzer

Analysis and Report Generation for PV Modules with PROFITEST PV

  • Read in measured characteristic curve values, as well as customer and module data from the PROFITEST PV
  • Graphic representation of the characteristic IU curve
    – With calculated maximum power point MPP (Pmax)
    – Comparison with the power curve
    – Comparison with the TRMS curve
    – Comparison with the STC curve
    – Characteristic IU curve with display of the measuring points
  • Direct comparison of measured values with values obtained under STC and values for the reference module
  • Overview of characteristic IU curves for a given test series in a browser window
  • Export of measured values or results (e.g. XLS file)
  • Generation of a test report with characteristic curve
  • Generation of an analysis with error information Online measurement: graphic representation of the characteristic curve and measured values (also suitable for continuous measurement)
  • Customer, module and system database
  • Online access to databases / data management in the PROFITEST PV
  • Runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • The software is included with the PROFITEST PV.