Intelligent Sensor system for Energy, Current, Voltage and Frequency.

Power measurement can be easily added on.

  • UNIVERSAL Sensor variants with 3 or 12 measuring points. Nominal current is 40 or 80 A.
  • INTERFACES Integration into any desired system is possible thanks to the universal Modbus interface (TCP/RTU).
  • RETROFITTING It’s easy to retrofit energy logging – directly within existing systems even where space is limited.
  • MINIMAL SPACE REQUIREMENT All measuring technology is united into an extremely small space – minimal height is especially important.
  • TRANSPARENCY Serves as the basis for efficiency improvements and warnings concerning overloading before considerable damage occurs.
  • INTRINSIC CONSUMPTION Very low intrinsic consumption as compared with other measuring systems.

Types and order information
ENERGYSENS-EScom, basic model for connecting
up to 10 ENERGYSENS sensors, article number U100A
ENERGYSENS-ES4003, nominal current: 40 A, article number U100B
ENERGYSENS-ES4012, nominal current: 40 A, article number U100C
ENERGYSENS-ES8003, nominal current: 80 A, article number U100D
ENERGYSENS-ES8012, nominal current: 80 A, article number U100E

SCALABLE – for excellent Flexibility of the system layout

  • The modular system consists of the ENERGYSENS COM basic module and up to 10 sensors, e.g. ENERGYSENS ES4003.
  • The sensors, in turn, have multiple measuring points by means of which power can be measured for individual consuming devices.
  • The system can expanded or changed at any time. Up to 120 measuring points can thus be integrated into the system via a single communication unit.

GENUINE POWER MEASUREMENT – for targeted and effective energy management

  • The high-speed bus system makes it possible to ascertain power values thanks to individual allocation of voltage to each separate current measuring point.

TIME-SAVING INSTALLATION – for installations which function right off the bat

  • The sensors are mounted in just a few simple steps.
  • Fast installation of the basic module on 35 mm top-hat rail in any desired mounting position with diverse options.

IDEALLY INTEGRATABLE – for high-speed communication with a great variety of systems

  • Flexible communication and remote read-out via integrated interface
  • Diverse connection options via Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU
  • Free configuration tool for rapid integration into any system environment – even without programming knowledge

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Download ES Service Tool V1.07
Software update for EnergySENS ES Sensor Module (V1.02)
Software update for EnergySENS Escom Basic Module (V1.05)
3-D CAD Files (STEP, DXF)