Adapter for Testing 3-Phase Devices and Extension Cables in Combination with SECUTEST Series Safety Testers

Internationally unique: Portable test instrument adapter for safety measurements at 3-phase consumers with automatic measuring sequence in accordance with applicable standards.

The adapter is portable and is used for measuring and testing electrical devices and extension cables.

  • Testing of 1 to 3-phase consumers and extension cables in combination with SECUTEST S-II and S-III external test instruments.
  • Additional protection for testing defective devices under test thanks to integrated residual current monitoring with shutdown function
  • Test for automatic shutdown function with self-test button
  • Short-circuiting and the blowing of mains fuses are prevented by means of pre-testing
  • Automatic adaptation to the program selected at the SECUTEST-Sxx test instrument and transmission of measured values
  • Testing ofprotective conductor resistance, insulation resistance, equivalent leakage current, dielectric strength, residual current and contact current in combination with SECUTEST SII and SIII

Istruzioni per l’uso
Certificato CE
Scheda tecnica

1 test case AT3-III E
1 operating instructions
1 plug insert per EN 60320 C13 for C6 sockets (non-heating devices, 10 A to 2.5 A IBM plug)