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Prog. Measuring Transducer for Temperature and DC Quantities, 2 Inputs

Programmable Multifunctional Transmitter

for currents, voltages, temperature sensors, remote transducers or potentiometers

The V604s is for top-hat rail mounting with the following main features:

  • Measurement of DC-voltage, DC-current, temperature (RTD or TC), resistance
  • Sensor connection without external jumpers
  • Programmable remote I/O functionality. Readout of all input variables and internally calculated values via MODBUS. Simultaneously, the outputs and the relay may be controlled via MODBUS.
  • 2 inputs (e.g. for sensor redundance or differential measurement)
  • 2 outputs (U and?/?or I)
  • 2 inputs can be combined with each other and can be related to the 2 outputs. With this calculations and sensor monitoring is possible (e.g. for a predictive maintenance of the sensors)
  • System capability: communication through RS485 Modbus-interface
  • Freely programmable relay e.g. for limit valves and alarms
  • AC/DC-wide range power supply unit
  • Pluggable high-quality screw terminals

All adjustments of the device can be adapted to the measuring task by means of a PC-software. The software can also be used for visualization, commissioning and for service.

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1 Safety Instructions 168 501

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