AC current transducer, self-powered

Measuring transducer for the transformation of alternating current, self-powered.

  • Measurement method: Rectifier process
  • Measurement input: Alternating current, sinusoidal, arithmetic mean value measurement, effective value calibration
  • Measuring range: 1/5 A or 1.2/6 A selectable at terminals
  • Measurement output: Unipolar 0…1, 0…5, 0…10 or 0…20 mA
  • or 0…1 to 0…10 V
  • Power supply: without power supply terminal (self-powered), less wiring expense
  • Maritime product features (formerly GL, Germanischer Lloyd)
  • P8/35 housing for top-hat rail mounting
  • CSA certificate CSA, German Lloyd approval GL

Istruzioni per l’uso
Certificato CE
Scheda tecnica
Certificato 2

1 Operating Instructions in three languages: German, French and English