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Test Case for Testing per DIN VDE 0701-0702 at Single and 3-Phase Equipment

Can also be used as a workshop test panel per DIN VDE 0104.

  • Mains connection
    The test case can either be connected to an earthing contact outlet with the two included power cables, or to a 16 A CEE mains outlet.
  • Test types
    DIN VDE tests without mains operation: protective conductor resistance, insulation resistance, equivalent leakage current. DIN VDE with mains operation at all single and 3-phase devices: differential current, contact current. Function tests with measurement of current consumption and voltage in phases L1, L2 and L3. Protective conductor measurement is performed correctly in accordance with DIN VDE 0104.
  • Contact surface for finger contact
    Protective conductor potential can be tested by means of a contact surface for finger contact. The PE signal lamp lights up if a potential difference of more than 100 V is detected between the contact surface and the protective contact at the mains plug.
  • Differential current measurement
    Measurement of differential current complies with regulations for periodic testing in accordance with DIN VDE 0702.
  • Convenient testing
    All safety and function tests are performed by simply switching mains voltage, or the individual phases, to the devices under test.
  • Display functions
    All measured values are clearly displayed at a large digital display. Exceeded limit values are also indicated optically, and in some cases acoustically as well.
  • Rugged case design
    The test case consists of an aluminum shell and a removable, lockable lid. Ample space is provided for the included connection adapters and operating instructions.

Istruzioni per l’uso
Scheda tecnica

1 test case
2 mains cables (Schuko and CEE16A)
1 measurement cable with test probe, 1 alligator clip
1 set of operating instructions