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Electrosurgical Analyzer

  • Industry Standard RF Current Measurement
  • Continuous & Pulsed Output Waveform Compatible
  • Embedded Real-Time Operating Syste with ¼ VGA Color Touch Screen Display
  • Displays Up to 15 Different Measurement
  • Parameters with User Selectable and Definable Screens
  • Internal Precision Test Loads From 1 to 6400 Ω in 1 Ω Increments
  • External Test Load Compatibility
  • Automated Power Load Curves with Multiple
  • Power Settings Per Load Setting
  • Automated User-Definable Testing Sequences
  • Print Test Reports to RS232 or USB Printer
  • USB (3), RS232, and Ethernet Communication Ports
  • External Keyboard and Mouse Compatible Via Dedicated Ports
  • Automatic or Manual Activation of ESU
  • Generator During Power Load Curve Tests
  • Remote Communications Capability with ESU Generators
  • REM/ARM/CQM Testing Via 500 Ω Adjustable Load in 1 Ω Increments
  • RF Leakage Current Measurement
  • Capture, Store, Print RF Waveform

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