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Data Logger for Energy and Power Quality

The MAVOWATT 210 acquires all relevant measured quantities which are decisive for assuring the quality of electrical supply power. The instrument is a bidirectional power meter and measurement is performed at both the power utility side and the consumer side on the basis of power flow for use in alternative energy applications.

  • Especially compact design
  • Long battery life for all-day measurement
  • Extremely lightweight: 0.64 kg
  • Power quality trigger thresholds can be programmed as desired
  • Energy flow logging – import and export

  • Power/energy logger and PQ disturbance/event detector
  • 3 voltage channels – direct measurements up to 600 V RMS, CAT III
  • 4 current channels – 0.333 V RMS current inputs, compatible with various optional accessories (see accessories lists) and all 0.333 V RMS current transformers which comply with industry standards
  • Measurement types: V, I, W (P), VA (S), VAR (Q), PF, demand measurement for various quantities, energy … and much more
  • Detection and recording of trends for RMS voltage dips/sags, swells, current changes in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 in 1/2 cycle methods
  • Vthd and Ithd measurements using methods of IEEE 519-2014 / IEC 61000-4-7
  • Web browser interface for real-time measurements, setup and data transfer
  • Free Dran-View XP software for analysis and reporting available for download at “MyGMC”
  • 7 hours battery life for long-term measurements
  • Automatic wiring test: LEDs indicate wiring errors
  • Ethernet, USB communication
  • Modbus, Bacnet
  • IP50 (vertical position)
  • 3-year guarantee

  • Easy handling thanks to integrated web browser
  • Guided configuration during setup at the measuring site
  • Important basic variables with relevance for the standards are recorded
  • Easy evaluation and documentation with Dran-View XP software

  • Energy audits per DIN EN 16247-1
  • Energy flow logging
  • Power control
  • Important power quality assessments
  • Reference measurements
  • Meter logging
  • Tenant electric meters
  • Alternative power production and DER integration
  • Ascertainment of load profiles
  • Examination of performance factors
  • Residential applications including energy consumption and PQ detection

Istruzioni per l’uso
Certificato CE
Scheda tecnica
Scheda tecnica
Articolo professionale
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Opuscolo, volantino, brochure, …
Opuscolo, volantino, brochure, …
Dran-View XP is now available for downloading in our download area “myGMC”.
MAVOWATT 210 Firmware V1.2.3

4x voltage cable with plug-on safety alligator clips
3x flexible AC current sensor, 50 to 500 A
1x Ethernet cable
1x Power Supply
Dran-View XP software (available for download)
Hard/soft case
Operating instructions