Flexible Current Sensor 3/30/300 A, 1V-10mV/A, Loop length 450 mm

  • Wide range of applications, 3 measuring ranges 3/30/300 A AC, but not for power measurements
  • Large bandwidth 20 Hz … 4 kHz for harmonic analysis
  • Precise measurements even with low currents, due to wide dynamic range and high sensor sensitivity
  • Low conductor position influence and minimum stray field influence
  • Easy to operate in restricted space thanks to small sensor cross-section of 9.9 mm and slim end cap of 13.6 mm
  • Safe handling even with protection gloves; opening of sensor and measuring range setting in one-hand operation
  • Current sensor with protection type IP65, measuring amplifier with IP40
  • High level of safety for the user, measurement category 1000 V@CAT III, 600 V @ CAT IV and unlimited overload capacity

The flexible current sensor is used in combination with measuring instruments of up to 3 V AC.

The flexible sensor loop can be placed around one or several conductors of any type and design (insulated cable, busbars, pipes).

Internal batteries allow for an independent operation of the measuring amplifier.

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