For Identifying Devices and Systems

The RFID identification system is used to mark and identify tools and equipment.

SCANWRITE, as well as other SCANBASE RFID reading devices, read out the code and forward it to our test instruments, in order to be able to allocate measured values and test results to the device under test in an unequivocal fashion.

Article number Zxxx Z751R Z751S Z751T

Frequency 125 kHz 13.56 MHz 13.56 MHz 13.56 MHz

Standard HITAG1, 2, S, Q5, ISO15693 ISO15693 ISO15693

Titan, Atmel5577, EM-4xxx

Usable for — all Our RFID Reader and writer —

Type Upon request 22 mm dia., 30 mm dia. Pigeon ring,

self-adhesive with 3 mm hole 10 mm dia.

Qty. per package 1000 500 500 250

Chip ICODE SU with 1 kBit data memory

Writing cycles 100,000

Reading cycles Unlimited

Material ABS

See additional ID systems for data logging.

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