Sequenzfunktionen Expert METRAHIT IM

Sequence Functions Expert for METRAHIT IM

Functions expansion to 16 test sequences with up to 63 test steps each

  • Up to 16 sequences in the METRAHIT IM
  • Each sequence with up to 63 test steps
  • Sequence management at the PC with the help of Sequence Manager software

The user can select the appropriate test sequence on site, after which the respective measurements are executed automatically. Nothing is forgotten thanks to the automated measuring procedure. The measurement results are conveniently saved to the instrument’s internal measurement data memory and can be used to generate test reports.

Sequences can be conveniently managed with the help of Sequence Manager PC software. In addition to sequence management as well as uploads and downloads to and from instrument, Sequence Manager can also be used to edit comments regarding the individual test steps at the PC.

Automated measuring sequences with the METRAHIT IM

  • Feature key for activation at the METRAHIT IM
  • Sequence Manager as free download after registering with myGMC