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Cable conversion current transformers for primary currents from 60 A to 1000 A

Thanks to their compact design, split-core current transformers are especially well suited for use in difficult to access locations and tight spaces. Split-core current transformers are the right choice wherever interrupting the current path would be problematic or a measuring instrument needs to be retrofitted in an uncomplicated fashion.

  • Compact, split-core current transformers for primary nominal current from 60 A … 1000 A and secondary nominal current of 1 A or 5 A. 
  • Very easy and time-saving installation thanks to split-core design.
  • Particularly suited for retrofit purposes since the dismantling of primary leads is not necessary • Allows for retrofitting without interrupting mains power supply
  • Compact design allows for use in areas with restricted access and confined space
  • Clearly audible click sound confirms proper installation. Additional safety is provided by UV proof cable ties.
  • Accuracy class: 0.5, 1 or 3, depending on type

  • Primary rated current: 60 A / 75 A / 100 A / 125 A / 150 A / 200 A / 250 A / 300 A / 400 A / 500 A / 600 A / 750 A / 800 A / 1000 A
  • Secondary rated current: 1 A or 5 A (depending on the version)
  • Class accuracy: 3, 1 or 0.5 (depending on the version)
  • You can find an overview with the respective versions and article numbers in the data sheet

The SC-Series cable conversion current transformers transform high alternating currents into small, harmless, measurable currents (secondary current).

 The secondary current is standardized and is 1 A or 5 A. At the same time, they galvanically separate the primary circuit and the secondary circuit.

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