PACCHETTO PE RLO-CHECK per sistemi di illuminazione

DE Il PE RLO-CHECK PACCHETTO consiste in un ohmmetro portatile, digitale, a bassa resistenza, con avvolgicavo integrato e prolunga per la sonda di test.

  • Ohmmetro a batteria a bassa resistenza
  • Avvolgicavo con 30 m di cavo, compresa la compensazione del cavo di misura
  • Display digitale di facile lettura
  • Inversione automatica della polarità
  • Allarme acustico
  • Allarme ottico
  • Funzionamento con un solo tasto
  • Calibrazione manuale
  • Vasta gamma di accessori

  • Measuring range: 0.00 Ω … 20.0 Ω
  • Acoustic signaling for continuity (R < 1 Ω)
  • Acoustic and optical indication for interference voltage detection: 8 … 400 V
  • Automatic polarity reversal per DIN EN 61557-4/VDE 0413-4
  • Balancing function for cable reel and accessories (compensation of up to 4 Ω)

  • Safety for the user and the instrument in measuring categories CAT IV up to 300 V and CAT III up to 600 V
  • Outstanding carrying comfort thanks to adjustable hip belt and ultralight telescoping rod
  • Simple evaluation of measured values by means of digital display with color-coded backlight (red = no-go, blue = go)

The PE RLO-CHECK PACKAGE consists of a measuring instrument for checking the low-impedance continuity of protective and equipotential bonding conductors. Extending the test probe with the ultralight telescoping rod makes it especially well-suited for testing difficult to access objects such as lighting systems.

1 Measuring instrument 4 Batteries (AA)
1 Hip belt
1 Cable reel with 30 m cable
1 Test probe with protective cap
1 Telescoping rod, 120 cm (190 g)
1 Alligator clip
1 Measurement coil cable
1 PE adapter for electrical outlets
1 Short-circuit jumper (0 Ω)
1 Calibration shunt for continuity threshold (1 Ω)
1 Set of operating Instructions
1 Test certificate