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Flexible solutions for the energy industry

PLC functionality

  • Based on Codesys, 3 performance classes
  • BASIC: Flexible processing of the data of the measurement device using the complete I/O functionality
  • ADVANCED: BASIC + Modbus RTU/TCP master and time-dependent processes
  • PROFESSIONAL: ADVANCED + self-defined websites and local visualizations + Codesys data logger

Condition monitoring

  • Provision of all voltages, currents, powers, power factors
  • Variance of system variables with time reference
  • Measurements of Modbus slaves

Energy flow analysis

  • Power mean-values with trend-analysis for preventing load-peaks
  • Load profile storage with fluctuation range (min/max) per interval
  • Active energy class 0.2S, Reactive energy class 0.5S (HT/LT, demand/delivery), configurable resolution
  • Further mean-values and meters with selectable base quantity

Power quality analysis

  • Harmonic analysis acc. IEC 61000-4-7
  • Assessment of voltage and current imbalance
  • Phasor and phase sequence display for connection check
  • Waveform display
  • Optional disturbance recorder for PQ events (voltage dip, swell, interruption) acc. IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 with RMS1/2 and waveform recordings

Hardware options

Up to 4 modular extensions: Analog outputs ±20mA (2/4), relay outputs (2), digital inputs (4) active / passive, GPS time synchronization, fault-current monitoring (residual or earth current), temperature monitoring (Pt100, PTC), IEC61850


  • Ethernet (Modbus/TCP, http/https, NTP, SFTP, SYSLOG)
  • Modbus/RTU master or slave
  • Optional: IEC61850
  • Scheduled data export to SFTP server


  • Flexible Role Based Access Control
  • Encrypted communication via HTTPS
  • Audit Log records all security related procedures, support for SYSLOG for transfer to central network monitoring server
  • Client whitelist: IP address list for restricting authorized computers
  • Digital firmware signature: Prevents that manipulated firmware gets into the device via update

Further features

  • 4 current and 4 voltage channels with 0.1% accuracy, direct measurement or via transformers
  • Measurement category 600V, CAT III (voltage), 300V,CAT III (current)
  • Standard IOs: 1 digital input, 2 digital outputs
  • Optional UPS (5×3 minutes)
  • Data logger with16 GB data memory (option)
  • Sampling rate: 18kHz
  • Monitoring and alarming via limit values and monitoring functions
  • For panel mounting 144x144mm
  • Identical operation as devices of the AM/PQ/DM series

Istruzioni per l’uso
Certificato CE
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Certificato 2
Firmware V3.10.9965
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