MAVOWATT 20 three-phase energy and power analyzer

The MAVOWATT 20 three-phase energy and power analyzer is an innovative and indispensable tool for all measuring tasks involving electrical energy.

  • Simple setup and quick measurement results –
  • automatic setup reliably guides the user to the desired goal.
  • Large recording capacity and fast data transfer thanks to interchangeable CF memory card with up to 32 GB
  • Precision measurement and uninterrupted recording: 0.1% accuracy for voltage and current, 256 samples per period
  • Detection of mains disturbances
  • Acquirement of harmonics and voltage dips/swells
  • Determination of environmental impact
  • ascertainment of CO2 emissions relative to energy consumption
  • Clear-cut reports for demand and energy
  • Compilation of measured values and display of limit value violations
  • Comprehensive energy analyses
  • Separate acquisition of energy import and export with evaluation according to tariff zones.
  • Additional, differentiated measurement input
  • Measurement of N-PE voltage and neutral conductor current is possible
  • DC coupled measurement inputs
  • Alternating and direct voltage can be measured
  • Evaluation with DranView software

  • Extensive analysis of import, energy, harmonics and power – perfect for applications targeted at energy savings and cost reductions, as well as in the field of renewable energy
  • Automatic setups – easy to get started
  • Clear-cut reports for demand and energy
  • CO2 footprint calculator – ascertainment of environmental impact
  • Intuitive operation with touch-sensitive ¼ VGA display
  • Selectable languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Finish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • 8 measurement inputs (4 voltage and 4 current), channel D differential • Direct and alternating voltage measurement
  • Highly accurate: 0.1% for voltage and current
  • High resolution: 256 samples per period, continuous recording
  • Triggered recording for all parameters, detection of RMS dips and swells of greater than ±10% of nominal voltage
  • Very long recording duration: interchangeable data storage media with up to 32 GB
  • Mains or battery operation – operation for up to 3 hours with rechargeable battery
  • DranView software for automatic energy audit reports included in scope of delivery

The MAVOWATT 20 acquires more than 50 electrical parameters including general power parameters (U, I, P, PF etc.), as well as energy and demand quantities, harmonics (THD, TID, individual harmonics) and other parameters such as energy import and export. Most parameters can be measured in real-time and displayed as a curve. Advanced demand and energy consumption oriented reporting is a key function in the MAVOWATT 20, but with detection of RMS voltage fluctuation the instrument also covers power quality to a given extent as well. L-N and L-L voltages are compared to a tolerance of ±10% from period to period. When a limit is violated, the respective event is entered to a chronological list including an easy to ready text with time stamp and categorization as either a dip or a swell, as well as duration and the minimum/maximum value of the limit violation. Snapshots of voltage and current waveforms can be saved with DranView software at adjustable intervals for visual analysis of distortion and other evaluations.

A diverse range of applications covers initial start-up, monitoring and maintenance of electrical networks and systems, right on up to regenerative power generation systems. For example, simultaneous measurement of power at the input and the output of photovoltaic inverters is thus made possible, in order to ascertain efficiency.

Laid out exceptionally well for alternative energy:

  • Initial start-up of wind power turbines
  • Monitoring of individual generators or overall power generation
  • PV applications, determination of inverter efficiency, DC and AC measurements
  • Monitoring of energy flow direction – generation or consumption

Initial start-up, monitoring and maintenance of power supply systems

  • Layout and monitoring of reactive power compensation systems
  • Monitoring of harmonics
  • Layout of compensation filters
  • Measurement and monitoring of all electrical

quantities in networks, supply lines, distributors and systems

  • Acquisition of energy consumption and costs, determination of current daily, weekly and monthly load characteristics

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Download Mavowatt 20 simulator

MAVOWATT 20 energy and power analyzer including set of measurement cables, rechargeable battery, charger, 4 GB CF memory card, DranView 7 Professional software for MAVOWATT 20 and carrying pouch