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LINAX PQ5000 Current Link® – Multifunctional Power Quality Analyzer for Smart Grid Applications

Certified instrument for power quality monitoring and power analysis with up to 32 channels in the distribution substation

  • Metrologically certified, class A PQI in accordance with IEC61000-4-30, edition 3, as a basic instrument
  • Up to 32 current inputs + 4 current inputs
  • Main supply: 1 … 10 Current Link sensors (3 or 4-wire)
  • Synchronous real-time data • Diverse connectivity options
  • Quick rollout with rugged measuring technology
  • Ready for smart grid applications

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Certificato CE
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Certificato 4
Firmware V3.08.9588

  • PQ5000CL measuring instrument (PQ5000 with Current Link expansion)
  • Rogowski current sensors, 3P and/or 3PN current modules
  • Safety precautions (multilingual)