GMST Database Software

Report Generating Software for Safety and Function Testers

GMST is suitable for testing the electrical safety of electrical installations, mobile devices and welding units, as well as for function tests in the field of medical technology.

GMST makes it possible to create individualized test sequences and test reports. GMST software can be purchased with a single license with its own database, or with a multiple license for accessing a central database.

  • Automatic data transfer and data communication
  • Export of test reports to data files or as print-outs
  • Report generation and label printing
  • Simplified navigation, tree structure, test table
  • Archiving of all information in a database
  • Communication with several test instruments
  • e-mail notifications

System requirements: Windows XP SP2 … 7, 8, 8.1, 10 with .Net 2.0 or newer

Option: GMSTHostService – allows central database management for several GMST users, article no. Z712D – manuals, see below –

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