Parameters configuring and data transfer software for U160x summators

All of the components included with the Energy Control System can be easily and conveniently configured with ECSwin software.

Parameter settings are read out from the summators, and are displayed in data entry windows. All values can be changed, saved to memory and transferred to the summators.

Important functions include:

  • Summator configuration
  • Creation of background programs
  • Creation of virtual channels
  • Set system time
  • Specify initial meter readings
  • Terminal function for manual command execution
  • Graphic representation of the control panel for remote control
  • Graphic representation of ECS LAN network topology
  • Querying and tabular or graphic representation of stored interval, daily, monthly and annual energy and power data
  • Graphic representation of instantaneous values as a characteristic curve
  • Runs under Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32/64-bit) and Server 2012 R2

Type designation, article number

ECSwin for access to summators via RS 232 or Ethernet TCP/IP, Z302E

ECSwin update from version 3.x* Z302H

ECSwin add-on license for one additional workstation* Z302M

ECSwin update from version 3.x* Z302H

*Proof of purchase of basic version or previous version required


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