Active Energy Meter with MID Approval, – for 2-wire system, 230 V and 5 (65) A Direct Connection

  • Professional energy meters for 2 wire systems with 65 A direct connection
  • Accuracy class B for industrial and commercial use, as well as for household use with highly demanding requirements
  • Cost savings thanks to initial calibration at the factory in accordance with MID, conformity assessment procedure modules B and D
  • Calibration even with adjustable transformation ratios
  • Configurable, multifunctional variants for acquiring reactive energy and mains quantities
  • Installation errors display: phase sequence, phase failure, transformers with reversed polarity, overload
  • Universal pulse output with adjustable pulse rate and pulse duration, as well as selectable voltage range
  • Flexible communication via integrated LON, M-Bus or L-Bus interface
  • Full functionality even when the electrical circuit is switched off thanks to failsafe 24 V auxiliary voltage
  • Tamper-proof cover, configuration disabling
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Made in Germany

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LON installation V1.20 (XIF, Plug-In)