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Test instrument with standards-compliant test sequences for testing the electrical safety of devices after repair and for periodic testing (DGUV regulation 3, German medical devices operator ordinance MPBetreibV)The Secutest BASE provides all measuring and test functions for testing the effectiveness of protective measures at electrical medical devices, as well as welding equipment – with predefined, or optionally with programmable, test sequences which are required in accordance with test standards VDE 0701-0702, IEC/EN 62353 (VDE 0751) and IEC/EN 60974-4 (VDE 0544-4).

  • Sequenze di test preconfigurate per testare rapidamente i dispositivi elettrici
  • Adatto all’uso da parte di persone istruite
  • Ampio concetto di gestione e memorizzazione dei dati per le sequenze di test automatizzate e le singole misurazioni – fino a 50.000 record di dati
  • fornitura di rapporti di prova in formato HTML su memoria USB

  • Protective conductor resistance measurement
  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Equivalent current measurement substitute (alternative) method, direct method, differential method: protective conductor current, touch current, device leakage current, patient leakage current, leakage current from the applied part
  • Voltage measurement: touch voltage, SELV, PELV
  • PRCD time to trip
  • Function test (U, I, P, S, LF, f)
  • Conductor test: Continuity, short-circuit, polarity (wire reversal)
  • Temperature measurement (for Pt100/Pt1000 sensor)

  • User prompting by means of preprogrammed test sequences in accordance with the standards with automatic evaluation, and thus exceptionally well suited for use by trained persons
  • Quick access to measuring and test functions via the rotary switch, direct selection keys and softkeys
  • Especially well suited for mobile use, even at construction sites and in industrial environments, thanks to the compact, impact-resistant housing with integrated rubber protector
  • Unique multiple measurement permits convenient documentation of several measuring points
  • Also suitable for international use thanks to extensive setting options for language, keyboard, character set, date, time and country-specific standards

Reliable, comprehensive and efficient testing of

  • Electrical devices per EN 50699/ EN 50678 (VDE 0701-0702)  including extension cords and PRCDs
  • Electrical medical devices per IEC/EN 62353 (VDE 0751)
  • Arc welding equipment per IEC/EN 60974-4 (VDE 0544-4)

1 SECUTEST BASE test instrument
1 Mains cable
1 Test probe, 2 m, not coiled
1 USB cable, USB A to USB B, length: 1.0 m
1 Plug-on alligator clip
1 Calibration certificate
1 Set of condensed operating instructions, D und GB
1 Set of complete operating instructions available on the Internet
1 ETC report generating software as download after registering at myGMC