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Multifunctional, Multimode RF Surgery Analyzer

SECULIFE ES TECH for the Analysis of Electrosurgical Generators

  • DFATM technology – ultra-high-speed digitalization
  • 2% measuring accuracy
  • Embedded real-time operating system
  • Auto-sequence mode
  • User-defined test sequences
  • Connection of external loads
  • Internal loads from 5 to 5500 Ω
  • USB (2) and Ethernet communication ports

  • HF current measurement per industry standard for multiple, pulsed waveforms
  • Automated, freely definable test sequences
  • Remote control of the ESU generator is possible
  • USB (3), RS 232 and Ethernet communication ports
  • Ultra-fast digitalization of complex HF waveforms (sampling rate: 16 million data points)
  • Acquisition, storage and print-out of HF waveforms
  • Integrated real-time operating system with color touchscreen

  • Ultra-stable measurement of output waveforms from HF generators with convincing accuracy
  • Internal relays for controlling the test circuit
  • Convenient switching between power measurement, high-frequency leakage current measurement and testing of the neutral electrode

  • Calibration and routine power testing of electrosurgical generators in hospitals as well as in the industrial sector
  • Testing of generators in compliance with common regulations such as IEC 60601
  • In-line testing and use in the test bay

Istruzioni per l’uso
Scheda tecnica

1 SECULIFE ES TECH function tester
1 Operating instructions 1 Measurement cable set
1 Factory calibration certificate