Communication tester between the charging station and the electric vehicle

  • Connection option for electric vehicles: type II OEM plug
  • Compact case, ideal for service calls
  • Large display for which background illumination can be activated
  • Selectable user interface language: D, GB, F, E, I, PT
  • Power supply via two 9 V (rechargeable) block batteries or power pack
  • USB data interface for firmware updates

Status Visualization

Displayable Vehicle Statuses (CP)

  • No vehicle connected
  • Vehicle connected
  • Vehicle ready for charging without ventilation
  • Vehicle ready for charging with ventilation

Cable Type (PP)

  • 20 A cable

Istruzioni per l’uso
Certificato CE
Scheda tecnica
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1 PROFITEST H+E BASE test instrument
2 Block batteries, 9 V
1 Power pack, 12 V
1 Set of operating instructions