Test instrument for measuring leakage current at ultrasound systems

The SECULIFE UL test instrument was designed for testing TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) probes. A complete system test is executed by simply pressing a key. Both the upper and the lower leakage current limit values, within a range of 0.5 to 500 μA, are tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Testing of the upper and lower leakage current limit values
  • Programmable test limits
  • 1% accuracy over the entire range
  • Data protocol with storage of 99 test reports
  • PC utility software for setting up configurations and remote control

  • Flash programmable, upgrades possible on-site
  • Read-out of test results to optionally available printer
  • Counter mode for extensive measuring times
  • Programmable counter voltage source (test voltage) and frequency

  •  Audiovisual signals indicate test status  
  • Test results as pass/fail or numeric display 
  • Read-out of test results to optionally available printer
  • Time and calendar function in the instrument for date and time stamps on the test reports
  • Complete system test by simply pressing a key

Leakage current testing in consideration of upper and lower limit values specified by the manufacturer of the ultrasound device. Testing is conducted before each use in order to protect the patient. The simple display makes it possible for personnel without technical training to operate the instrument.

Istruzioni per l’uso
Certificato CE
Scheda tecnica

1 SECULIFE UL power pack
1 SECULIFE UL calibration certificate