PROFiTEST MTECH+ IQ E-Mobility-Paket

Test Instrument Set for Testing Electric Charging Points

“E-Mobility Package TECH+ IQ” test instrument set with PROFiTEST MTECH+ IQ, METRALINE PRO-TYP EM II and accessories required for testing electric charging points.

  • Testing of AC/DC sensitive RCDs
  • Testing of RCDs used specifically in electric charging points
  • Testing of low-impedance continuity • Testing of insulation resistance
  • Vehicle, cable and fault simulation in a single instrument
  • Testing of wall boxes with permanently attached charging cable

  • Specific accessories for testing electric charging points
  • Complete test sequence for safe and simple test procedures
  • Extensive documentation of measured values and test results

The test instrument set is suitable for testing stationary electrical installations, in particular wall boxes, charging points and charging stations.

Single and 3-phase charging points can be tested for correct function and electrical safety in accordance with:

  • IEC 61581-1 (DIN VDE 0122-1)
  • IEC 60364-4 (DIN VDE 0100-600)
  • EN 50110-1 (DIN VDE 0105-100)

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Test Instrument

1x PRO-A3 II plug insert
1x PRO-SCHUKO plug insert
1x Compact rechargeable battery pack
1x Charger


1x METRALINE PRO-TYP EM II test adapter for electric charging points
1x IZYTRONIQ Business Professional intelligent test software
1x PRO-RLO 20 plug insert
1x Sortimo L-BOXX 238
1x L-BOXX PROFiTEST M insert
1x Protective gloves
1x Operating instructions